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 Bearville Schools Approval!

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Bearville Schools Approval! Empty
PostSubject: Bearville Schools Approval!   Bearville Schools Approval! EmptyFri Sep 16 2011, 20:48

You might of heard about this category coming in the news:) Well I am going to explain a little more about it. Have you ever wished you were the teacher at school? Well now you can be a teacher! You can be the teacher of your school! First you gotta get it approved here and then once its approved you can create the post. The title of the post should be your school's name. Then once you get a student you can assign things! Like you could have people write a report on someone. Or you could do something fun! Like game day all day! Where you play games! I am going to make a school myself! So you can see how mine works!
You can only teach one school! But you can join as many schools as you like! So, if you want a school here is what you reply with on here.

School Name:

Also, make sure you school is appropriate so no inappropriate things!
Hope you have fun!
Please reply here!
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Bearville Schools Approval!
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