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 Demi Lovato

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PostSubject: Demi Lovato   Thu Aug 11 2011, 22:14

guys have you heard that demi went to rehab for getting mad at someone and stuff well that's true but is it fair that disney and everything just let her right back in and that record companies started signing her again there are better singers out there that don't try hurt them selves or get anterexia i looooove demi tho so idk why i'm posting this but if a record producer ever comes on for no reason which is most likely to never ever happen and he reads this i'm an awesome singer, or so i think i won my school talent show once so put me on your consideration list or whatever u use ok back to demi she came out with a new song called skyscraper i absouloutly love it so check it out! lol
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PostSubject: Re: Demi Lovato   Mon Aug 15 2011, 11:45

I mean usually this seems to always happen to famous people, whether it is divoricing, drugs, alcohol, it seems to always get to them. I think Demi just had a rough
spot in her life and I mean doesn't everyone? I used to want to cut myself, but I didn't. I mean we all go through some kind of problem . .but at least Demi
came back and told everyone instead of hiding it. I think that is why she is a good role model to some people
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Demi Lovato
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