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 Fantastic BFF club

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Valentinerainbow49 Admin

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PostSubject: Fantastic BFF club   Mon Aug 08 2011, 18:56

In this club you name your BFF or bff's and we do fun things with them my BFF is faithrainbow175 and for the first activity I want you to write a long story on why that person is your BFF so here is mine
Well it all started around 2010 carnival when I first saw her there we didn't really talk or anything well we became friends in May 2011 and we were sisters on bearville. Faith and I would stay up all night and talk and have a blast! We would write plays and sing songs and play games. Well also we would hang with our friends like daphnecuddle well she was so nice though at first someone got in the way of our friendship but in June the girl stopped getting in the way so faith and I were BFF well we always did so many things together:) Well in July we had so much fun and each month it kept getting so much more fun well this month (august) our real friendship was put to the test I left our family on bearville and you know what she came with me and that how I know she is a true BFF. Well now were in another family on bearville and were having even more fun:) Its all thanks to the time we met in september 2010
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PostSubject: Re: Fantastic BFF club   Mon Aug 15 2011, 12:11

Okay! Well my bff's are Lace, Tailor, and sparkle. I first met lace through Cat line. At that time I was with cat line, cat line and lace were sisters and she was my aunt!
And i really liked her a lot. I left cat line to go to lace and then from then on . . . We had our fights and our break-ups and things like that. But she has always be on my side
and has always been an awesome friend! I am so glad I have got to meet her, cause She knows some of my secrets that no one else knows. lol Thanks lace for being a bff that has made me always laugh!
Tailor. Well this is actually a funny story. I was older and looking for a job saying I would clean houses, at the time Tailor had a salon, and she hired me and I cleaned her house
and baby-sitted her baby. That hated me. Yeah. rofl Any way! Then from them on we didn't talk has much but then I started hanging around some people and got to know her better and Now I am really glad I was a maid for her;)! Thanks tailor for everything that you do and how you are always being a great friend, your always making me smile even when i don't want too. You rock you chicken-luver! rofl
Sparkle. Well sparkle, honestly don't know . . rofl Sorry sparkle. I kind of remember how people talked about her and would always say like " Oh i wish sparkle would come online!"
And i asked them and they told me all about her. So i got to meet her and we added each other, We talked and she baby-sitted me. She was always super nice, And i would always remember the times when she would get our her BIG purse and put me in it to play in the water park lol Thanks Sparkle for always giving me the advice I need and leading me in the right direction, you can always make me smile even when you say something random lol
I am so glad I got to meet my 3 bff's! They have been there for me no MATTER WHAT! We have never had a fight that lasted an entire day. You guys are awesome! !
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PostSubject: my bffs   Mon Aug 15 2011, 12:39

my bffs r sparkle lace and summer it is rlly weird how me and summer yes i admit they was i met lace im pretti sure is tht when summer cleaning my house and we got like friends like we could hang out friends cause she cleaned my house so much she introduced me to her mom which was lace and we started hanging out and i helped take care of summer and tyhen i met everybody else u kno the whole group ppl we hang out with and then sparkle i met sparkle where she always is the nighborhood and i just starteed tlkin to her cuz i got baord so we became friend like and those r my 3 bffs.................................................................................. luv u guys Wink Suspect
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PostSubject: Re: Fantastic BFF club   Mon Aug 15 2011, 14:42

u guys! taylor! summer! i'm crying, seriously:( that is so sweet, i laughed the entire time reading what u said about taylor summer rofl u were her maid!!!!!!! rofl!!!!! lol!
P.S. I luv u? lol
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PostSubject: Re: Fantastic BFF club   

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Fantastic BFF club
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